Partition Walls

Partition walls are non load-bearing walls that create spatial division within buildings.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, partition walls can provide privacy, sound-proofing and flexibility of layout.

  • Simple plasterboard partition wall
  • Steel enclosure in a factory
  • Curved glass walls with electronic touch control
  • Fabric covered screens
  • Sliding movable partition walls.

Construction Considerations

A warehouse partition wall may need to protect the office space from noise, fumes and fire, while a meeting room wall may need to keep the sound out but allow the light to flood in.

We will help you understand what you really need, and deliver the quality of space you are after.

  • Privacy
  • Sound insulation
  • Fume protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire retardancy and separation
  • Design, wall coverings and light
  • Specialist finishes as required by sterile pharmaceutical or medical environments.

Properly well-built partition walls will perform to manufacturers’ specifications and deliver the acoustics or thermal performance that is important to you.

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