Attractive spaces to take a break
Making the most of the space you've got
Welcoming refreshment facilities
Perfect place for a quick cuppa


More than somewhere to make a cup of tea

Commercial canteens and workplace kitchens are spaces where your team, your visitors and your customers can feel relaxed and welcome.

There are many kinds of workplace refreshment facilities:

  • Commercial canteens
  • Break-out facilities
  • Soft seated relaxing areas
  • Kitchenettes
  • Office tea-points.

Small Space, Large Footfall

Workplace facilities all have one thing in common. Whether large or small they experience much higher levels of use than their domestic cousins.

Commercial canteens need to be planned and built to withstand high levels of consistent use.

Reducing Disruption

Construction during normal working hours can be tricky and requires a high degree of planning.

Acorn’s mission is to deliver your new facility with as little fuss as possible. An important part of this is ensuring staff welfare facilities continue to be provided throughout construction.


A new canteen or kitchen creates many opportunities to be eco-friendly. Measures can be included to save energy, water and money.

Interior Design

Canteens don’t have to be dull. Modern colours, textures and designs can create attractive spaces to take a break.

Flooring, units, furniture and even bespoke wallpaper provide the finishing touches.



Right from the initial brief we listen. We will take careful note of everything that’s important to you.

You will be guided through your choices as well as any legislation and regulations that apply.

We will carry out a full survey as part of the brief.


Your new facilities will be planned down to the last detail.

Bespoke specifications and proposals will be supported by AutoCAD drawings or 3D walkthrough graphics.

We can liaise directly with your local authority where Building Control or Planning Consent are required.



Alongside your dedicated project manager, a specialist team will complete your fitout.

Our polite and courteous site installers are all directly-employed by Acorn Works.

Your new facility will be installed with the minimum of disruption to your staff and business operations.


Canteen Case Study

What next?

To find out more about how Acorn Works can develop tailored solutions for your business, get in touch!