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Ceiling Works Town Close School Hall, Norwich, Norfolk by Acorn Works Ltd
School Hall Acoustic & Lighting Refit – Norwich

Town Close School, Norwich commissioned us to assist, advise and improve the acoustic properties and lighting of their main hall.

When designing or refitting educational work-spaces, one of the most important things to consider is speech clarity. Ensuring that the teacher’s voice can easily reach all students while any background noise and echoes are minimised.

Upon arriving on site our first job of work was to protect the existing flooring ready for the ceiling access equipment to be built. Wall panels were removed as was the existing hall lighting.

Next Ecophon acoustic panels were fixed to the walls and sloped ceilings of the school hall. This product was chosen as it has been specifically designed for educational environments; reducing sound levels, minimising background low-frequency sound and preventing the build-up of echoes.

Lantern trough with LED strip lighting sections
Ceiling lantern trough with LED strip lighting sections

Improving and enhancing light levels, while maintaining high aesthetics, was another important aspect of the project. A new ceiling lantern trough was installed with LED strip sections which created a feature up-lit detail. Surface mounted LED light units were also installed to improve the overall illumination of the area.

Finally a full site clean was completed and a test of connections and light fittings before the handover to a very happy client.