Suspended Ceilings

Ceilings in commercial environments are often initially overlooked, however there are many alternatives to a standard suspended ceiling.

  • High performing acoustic ceilings
  • Thermal ceilings
  • Curved plasterboard and vaulted MF ceilings
  • Specialist steel ceilings
  • PIR panel ceilings.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic ceiling panels provide the right amount of sound absorption to ensure sound doesn’t travel and spaces don’t become ‘echoey’ . In some circumstances a standard mineral board ceiling will be the right choice – however in others it could end up as the weak acoustic link in the building. We’ll advise you on choosing the right design and products for your requirements.

Fire & Water

Ceilings in washrooms have different performance requirements to ceilings in open plan offices. In many cases they form part of the fire protection plan for the building or part of its sub-structure. We will work with fire protection and sprinkler engineers when designing your ceiling solution.

Plenum Planning

A plenum is the separate space between the structural ceiling and a drop-down ceiling. It can be used for;

  • Air handling
  • Filtration and control
  • Concealment of services
  • Suspension system for lighting.

We believe it is part of a total performance package and its specification should be considered as a whole. Our AutoCAD design team will ensure that introduced services are aligned with any grid or lighting scheme and work with it not against it.

From receptions to boardrooms, canteens to washrooms, and factories to cleanrooms there are a myriad of solutions.

Let our experts discuss your requirements with you and provide you with the right ceiling for your working environment.